Uncovering the Root Causes of Low Motivation: Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers to Success

It is widespread to have a prejudgment view toward modern teenagers who want to sleep or play video games all day, we often see and hear about lazy teens and their solution-seeking parents who can’t seem to understand 
Why all the laziness? 
Well for most of the problem, they don't simply choose to procrastinate instead they may find it harder to stop this habit and to start improving their life as it's well known that the first step to change is harder than words. 
If you are a teenager yourself and you have the intention to act toward a better life, the first step to fighting the problem is to understand it.

It’s a feeling that most of us can relate to from time to time. You have lots to do, but you’d rather do anything else than the task at hand. But why do we procrastinate? And how can we stop avoiding what needs to be done? 
In an attempt to understand the reasons, stating the main causes of procrastinating can help.

  1. Feeling way behind. we have all been there, and things have stacked up, to the point where the situation scares you, in fear of facing this monster of work can cause you to be further behind. 
  2. Boring task, no matter how important a task may be, can simply be boring. You can't simply summon up the drive to do it.
  3. Bad conditions, You can't start because you feel you need more time or resources before you can take on the task.
  4. Lack of clarity of purpose, you can't seem to find the point of it, your motivation dips. 
  5. Easy peasy, the task lacks a sense of challenge, it's very a common cause of procrastination. it drives you away. your bain easily finds more important things to do today
  6. Having a large amount of time, you can have enough time but not enough urgency to make it a priority to do the work, this will result in too little, too late. stress and guilt are the prices to pay.
  7. The overwhelming feeling, some tasks seem too complex to the point where you don't know where to begin. Other tasks may make you feel like you need a ton of work and effort before you feel satisfied.
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